What we do

We are passionate about improving the educational experiences of students with Autism and Communication & Interaction needs. We want to ensure that students reach their academic potential whilst remaining positive about school and life beyond.  
We strive to coordinate cost effective interventions where students are able to learn in their local school, accessing a package of mainstream and alternative education provision that best supports their needs.
The CAIRB curriculum supplements mainstream learning and reinforces the skills needed to learn and participate fully in school and adult life.    
We offer a specialised learning programme designed around the interests, skills and aspirations of our young people. We incorporate a wide range of teaching and learning strategies.
The CAIRB team form part of the wider school team and are skilled at supporting young people with Communication and Interaction difficulties. We have a multi- agency approach to our support incorporating a variety of therapeutic interventions. 
We strongly value our relationships with families and the wider team around the individual.