Outreach services

The North Devon CAIRB offers outreach and training to local schools.  This is done in partnership with the Devon Communication and Interaction Team.

We welcome young people from the age of 11-16 years with Communication and Interaction needs.  Children and Young People who are given a place would be expected to have an Educational, Health, Care Plan (formerly a statement of SEN).
The CAIRB also offers outreach support to children with Communication and Interaction Needs and ASC in secondary schools across North Devon.
We are always willing to answer initial queries and will do our best to offer/signpost advice and support. We have capacity for up to eight pupils on site, therefore places are very limited. 
CAIRB places are allocated and funded by the local authority and placement decisions are made in consultation with the host school. CAIRB staff will facilitate an enhanced transition program for all new students.  
Outreach support is accessed through the central referral process (Link to information and form below).  Professionals are allocated to best address the needs of the individual or group. 
As a general rule outreach is provided without charge to schools where a pupil has a statement of SEN or EHCP (with Communication & Interaction identified as a primary need) or a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition.  Schools are also able to purchase support and training.